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We are the first Canadian company to design and manufacture a positional support pillow. As we approach our 6th Anniversary, we were inspired our move from our original name, Ellie Ears, to Ellie & Emmett, refreshing and elevating our brand and products. We are excited to bring new prints, in your same favourite pillow and teething lovey, as well as bringing back our much beloved blankets.

Our pillows are endorsed by parents and health professionals alike for supervised use. Using the Ellie & Emmett positional support pillow for proper positioning of the head, neck and spine helps babe
continue sensorimotor development in the 4th trimester and beyond.

Use of the Ellie & Emmett positional support pillow can help decrease the risk of, and can aide in the treatment of "flat head syndrome" (plagiocephaly) and Torticollis (tight neck muscles) in infants. The pillow can also help babies with reflux and colic rest easier, and provide much-needed support to children with low muscle tone.

We can't wait for Ellie & Emmett to be a part of your daily adventures!